Are you ready to hurricane?

hurricane preparation kit

Boarding up the house, water shortages, and canceled school – if you’re a Florida resident this probably sounds all too familiar. For six months out of the year, we are on high alert for a storm brewing out in the ocean. Hurricanes are some of nature’s most powerful storms and can cause incredible destruction. The more prepared you are for the disaster to strike, the less impact the storm will have on both your life and home. We’re here to share some hurricane preparation tips with you as the season ramps. 

Know when the storm is coming 

One of the few benefits of hurricanes is that there is more of a heads-up than other storms like tornadoes and earthquakes. The National Hurricane Center issues forecasts throughout the season about which areas may be affected by storms or hurricanes. If there is an imminent threat of a hurricane hitting your area, stay tuned to local news reports and follow their instructions carefully as conditions change quickly during these storms. It’s also important to listen out for evacuation orders if one has been issued. Plan ahead and communicate the plan with your whole family so nothing comes as a surprise. 

Have supplies, but don’t be greedy 

The canned goods and water shelves will inevitably go bare, but it’s important to stock up on what you need. Make sure you have basic necessities such as food, water, flashlights, batteries, and a battery-operated radio in case of power outages. You should also consider stocking up on any medications or medical supplies that someone in your household needs. And lastly, don’t forget any specialty products like diapers and formula. An extra tip: grab some gas and cash! There may be restaurants and other critical businesses open after a storm, but without power, they may not be able to process credit card payments. 

Duck and cover

If the storm is imminent and you’re unable to evacuate, make sure you have a safe, secure area in your home that can protect you from the storm. It’s usually best to choose an interior room on the lower level of the house away from windows and doors where debris or water may enter. Under your stairs or in an interior bathroom are great places to consider. This is another important opportunity to communicate with your family or roommates in advance of a storm so everyone feels comfortable with the plan. 

As we wrap up, we encourage you to stay informed about a storm’s progress by tuning into your local news or weather channel. There are several online resources (like this one) as well to stay up to date on the latest safety advisories and evacuation orders when the time comes.

No one wants to be caught off guard during a storm, so being proactive in your hurricane preparation is key. Taking steps to prepare ahead of time will help ensure that you are ready and safe when bad weather strikes.