How to Handle Window and Door Maintenance in Florida

So much goes into taking proper care of your home that it’s easy to overlook some important areas. Your windows and doors are essential to the style, security, and energy efficiency of your home. You can follow these tips to tackle window and door maintenance in Florida as effectively as possible.

Your Window and Door Maintenance Schedule

One of the first things to decide about window and door maintenance is how often you should handle inspection and maintenance. You don’t want unseen problems to become worse over time, so regular inspections are vital to ensure proper functioning.

In general, you should take a close look at your windows and doors once every quarter. If you notice any serious issues, reach out to professionals to get an estimate on repairs or replacement. Make sure to check your windows after hurricanes and other major storms as well to assess any potential storm damage.

Pay Extra Attention to Wooden Frames

Windows use a wide range of different materials, with wood being a common choice for frames. However, wooden frames require additional maintenance, especially in Florida’s hot and humid climate. Moisture can quickly cause issues if you don’t take proper care of wooden frames.

Wood absorbs humidity, which can cause it to rot and warp. That’s why wooden frames are always painted or otherwise coated to keep moisture out. If the paint is starting to chip and crack on your wooden window frame, then it may be time to refinish it.

Keep an Eye Out for Warping, Cracks, and Gaps

You want your home’s windows and doors to remain stable and always open and close properly. However, over time, a variety of issues can lead to structural problems. When inspecting windows and doors, look carefully around the frame to find any cracks or gaps.

These deformations mean that your window or door won’t be able to provide an effective seal. It will let drafts through, significantly impacting your home’s energy efficiency. You could also wind up dealing with a variety of pests if the gap is large enough.

When to Call in the Professionals

You can take a cursory inspection of windows and doors around your home yourself to identify any potential issues. However, most window and door repairs and replacements are better left to seasoned professionals. You don’t want to call in an expert when there isn’t any real need, but hesitating can lead to your problem getting worse.

Issues such as visible gaps and cracks, broken glass, and jammed windows or doors are all reasons to reach out for professional repairs immediately. If you have a window or door that isn’t opening quite right or seems to have a draft, then it’s still a good call to set up a service appointment.

Taking the Best Care of Your Windows and Doors

With a little extra care and effort, you can take great care of your windows and doors, even in the face of harsh Florida weather. Keep up with routine inspections, and don’t hesitate to give the professionals a call as soon as you notice any issues.

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