home window

Facts About Windows You Never Knew You Needed

Reporting live from Direct Remodels blog, we’re here to share everything you never knew you needed to know about windows. Let’s cut right to it with these fast facts!  Window glass is made of two or more panes that are held together by a spacer and sealed with an airtight...
energy efficiency in home

Prioritize Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Florida residents, are you sick of watching your energy bill climb every summer? Summer is the time to get to the beach, have an outdoor picnic, or take up a new hobby. But unfortunately, it also means higher energy bills due to increased air conditioning use. Fortunately, there are several...
hurricane preparation kit

Are you ready to hurricane?

Boarding up the house, water shortages, and canceled school – if you’re a Florida resident this probably sounds all too familiar. For six months out of the year, we are on high alert for a storm brewing out in the ocean. Hurricanes are some of nature’s most powerful storms and...