How the Upgrade From Non-Impact to Impact Windows Helps Any Homeowner

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As a homeowner, you have more than your fair share of residential maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to worry about. Here in Florida, one of the top concerns is storm damage from hurricanes. When you are going down the list of projects to tackle this year, consider upgrading to impact windows for lasting protection.

Have You Dealt With Hurricane Damage in the Past?

Hurricane damage is all too common throughout Florida and other states. Many homes face complete devastation in a hurricane and have to be essentially rebuilt. However, there are a great many more properties that see minor to moderate damage with practically every storm that comes by.

Have you found yourself dealing with shattered windows due to hurricanes in the past? Even a small piece of debris like a branch, garbage can lid, or any number of routine outdoor items can break right through a window when directed by hurricane-force winds.

Then, you’re stuck dealing with a home that’s been exposed to the rain and wind and possibly unwelcome pests as well. The broken glass creates an immediate safety hazard, and attempting to temporarily board up or cover the window in the midst of the storm is dangerous as well.

The cost of window replacement is a major factor to consider, especially with bay or architectural windows. In any case, it’s an unwelcome expense that you’d rather avoid if at all possible.

Impact Windows and What They Can Do for Your Home

Luckily, there is a proven, straightforward, and cost-effective way for homeowners to protect their windows from hurricane damage. Upgrading your current windows to impact windows can reduce the need for repairs and provide a variety of additional benefits. Here’s why so many homeowners are making that choice.

Protection Against Storm Damage

First and foremost, impact windows are resistant to storm damage. They resist winds in excess of 200 mph, along with direct impacts from airborne debris. Of course, you should make sure that you’re choosing a certified HVHZ Cat-5 window to enjoy complete protection.

Energy Efficiency

If your home has outdated windows, then chances are you’re wasting a lot of energy and losing money each month due to energy inefficiency. Your air conditioner is meant to cool your home, not the outdoors. Upgrading to a well-constructed impact window made with high-quality materials provides better insulation and reduces utility bills.

Installation Rebates

Of course, the cost of upgrading from non-impact to impact windows is one of the first things that comes up when making your decision. However, making that upgrade could be much more affordable than you realize. Due to impact windows’ energy efficiency and other benefits, you can enjoy tax incentives and utility rebates on your purchase.

Are Impact Windows the Right Choice in the Long Run?

So are impact windows the best option for your next home upgrade? The advice from many satisfied homeowners who have already installed their impact windows would be a resounding “Yes!” You can protect your home and enjoy a variety of benefits by investing in this practical upgrade.

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