7 Signs That Your Home Needs New Windows

Could your home’s windows be in need of replacement? There are a few simple signs you can watch for to tell when it could be time to call in a professional. Don’t hesitate to get a quote on a replacement if you notice any of these indicators that you may need new windows.

1. Your Home Feels Drafty

Do you find that your home never stays at a comfortable temperature? A variety of issues, such as warped frames, gaps, and cracks, can let drafts into your home. If you notice a draft anywhere in your home, a window is the most likely culprit.

2. Water Damage Around Window Frames

Along with drafts, moisture can also enter through gaps and cracks around your windows. This can pose a serious issue, as moisture can lead to mold, mildew, rot, and other problems.

If you notice chipping paint, warping, blistering, mold, mildew, or condensation around your windows, it could be time to replace them. Don’t let water damage spread by putting off important repairs.

3. High Utility Bills

Windows are often the biggest culprits of energy loss. If your utility bills seem too high, it could be because your cooling or heating system has to run so much more to keep up due to inefficient windows. Modern windows provide much better insulation and can help you save on your bills.

4. Storm Damage

Of course, a window that’s been completely shattered by flying debris needs to be replaced. However, even minor cracks or damage to the frame should also be carefully inspected as they may merit replacement. In the future, make sure that you install impact windows rated to stand up to Florida’s harsh weather conditions.

5. Windows That Jam

Windows use a variety of different mechanisms to open and close, and those parts can become damaged over time. If you notice that your window isn’t opening and closing smoothly or becomes jammed from time to time, then it’s likely time to replace it. Eventually, it will jam entirely, and then you’ll have a real problem.

6. Excessive Noise

You might not realize it, but quality windows also play an important role in insulating your home from noise. If you have older windows, they might not provide effective soundproofing, which means that street noise and other outdoor sounds can be excessively loud in your home. New windows can provide a more peaceful atmosphere.

7. Condensation Between Panes

Many windows have two or more panes of glass separated by air or another gas. This provides effective thermal insulation and reduces energy use, but it only works if the gas layer is fully isolated. If you can see droplets of water or fog condensing between the panes, a leak is letting moisture in and affecting the insulation.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Any of these signs could indicate that you’re in need of new windows. To avoid recurring issues in the future, make sure to go with high-quality windows and professional installation. You don’t want to find yourself replacing windows again just a few years down the line.

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