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MWP Fans Get 40% OFF!

We’ve partnered with Mike’s Weather Page to offer exclusive discounts on replacing your windows with hurricane-rated impact windows.

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Replace your windows with Direct Remodels

Direct Remodels is Florida’s top-rated window replacement & installation company, providing the highest quality impact windows and doors.

Our friendly and experienced window consultants offer a free in-home inspection where they’ll discuss the best window replacement options for your project.

Why pick us?

  • Fully licensed & insured general contractor
    • Don’t trust your window project to any “chuck in a truck”.  Direct Remodels is a licensed general contractor with decades of experience in complex residential window replacement.
  • 100% Financing options with ZERO money down
    • We have great low-cost financing options for a variety of credit scenarios with INSTANT approvals.  Your consultant will guide you through each payment option to find the right fit.
  • Manufacturer Direct = BIG SAVINGS!
    • As one of the largest manufacturer-direct buyers in the State of Florida, we can provide the top quality windows at the very best price.  Not to mention some of the fastest lead times and best-in-class warranties!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will this cost?

    Every project is different, but our direct-to-manufacturer relationship helps us save you the most! We also have 100% financing options that can make your payment as little as $10/window/mo.

  • Will I save on my homeowners insurance?

    Typically the answer is yes! By switching your home to all impact windows and doors, you can often save big on your homeowners insurance in Florida.

  • What will my utility bill savings be?

    Every job is different but we’ve seen customers with over 40% improvement in their monthly power bills due to the energy efficiency of their new windows.

  • How do impact windows protect my home?

    During a storm, traditional outdated windows can easily be broken by flying debris, opening your home to more damage from rain, or even worse, the pressure of high winds building up inside your home (typically what causes roofs to be ripped off during a hurricane). Impact windows offer an incredibly strong layer of protection, not to mention the peace of mind from intruders year round.

  • How long does this take?

    Your free estimate will take around an hour, where our window consultant will measure all of your windows, demonstrate a sample of our impact window, and show you the best pricing and financing options.

    From there, we have one of the fastest lead times in the State of Florida, with your custom windows coming in as little as 3 weeks.