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Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?

By December 28, 2019 25,331 Comments

When you have a home in Tampa, one of the details to think about carefully is the use of impact windows.  These often tend to be very expensive when it comes to their unit price, and a lot of those who are looking at replacement windows or other renovation costs often wonder whether they can save a little bit by going with alternative options instead.

Are impact windows required in Florida?

If you want have insurance and other integral parts of a home’s protection, you may be frustrated to find that impact windows are required in Florida. This includes, of course, Tampa.  However, you may be excited to find that there are all sorts of other benefits to consider when it comes to the requirement for impact windows.

What benefits are available from impact windows?

Now that you know that you have no choice but to use impact windows in your home, even when looking at replacement windows, it’s time to really take a look at the large, long list of reasons and benefits to have these for your home.  Here are some of the top options.

  • They protect your home from damage from debris in storms: The obvious reason to have impact windows is to protect your home from debris that gets sent spiralling around in storms.  Since they are double paned with shatter-proof glass, you will be able to have a strong protection from tree branches and lawn toys that often shatter inferior windows.
  • They help keep harmful UV rays out: Your home will heat up with the sheet power of UV rays.  Make sure that you keep that to a minimum with impact windows.  Since they are double paned, UV rays will be bounced off back outside and keep your home cool in the summer months.
  • They are resistant to burglars: Since they are designed to withstand a hurricane, you’ll love that these will protect your home from burgers as well.  Sine they won’t be able to smash the glass like in a traditional home, they’ll be more likely to find another target instead.  This is great for home security as well as protection of loved ones.
  • They block out street noise: Street noise, neighbourhood noise and construction noise can make anyone’s day a headache.  These strong windows will block out the noise to an impressive degree that will allow you to enjoy a wonderful quiet day, no matter what happens to be going on outside.  This is especially useful for night shift workers or those who are light sleepers.

Replacement windows may have to be impact windows in Tampa, but when you take all of these other benefits and perks into consideration. It really makes this choice a no-brainer.  After all, you want the best windows out there to protect your home, and these are going to be the best options to offer you a little bit more reason to really jump on the exciting path of getting the best, durable and protective impact windows.


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